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The most successful field and remote sales reps weren’t necessarily born that way. Many take the time to regularly implement some powerful strategies into their daily and weekly routine that help set them apart from the rest. Some of the things that differentiate these great sales professionals from the ordinary are the level of their persistence and continuous efforts to hone their skills.

Whether you are about to take on your first day as a sales rep or you’ve been at it for years. Implementing some of the key habits below will help propel you to the top of your sales game.

#1 - Set Sales Goals That Push You Beyond Your Boundaries

There is a huge difference between striving to make a little money each day through a few sales and setting sales goals that make you push past your comfort zone.

If you have been consistently achieving your sales targets for the last few months in a row, then you are truly underplaying your max selling potential. To become one of the best field or remote sales personnel you have to set targets that actually scare you. Sales goals aren’t meant to be easy. They must scare you into strong action. Higher sales goals will force you to plan proactively, be on the offensive, and put such plans into action.

Goals like this will drive you to find every piece of information, sales tip, method, etc. available to achieve them. Even better is that when you achieve these goals they will continue to elevate your performance standards to higher and higher levels.

Review your goals each and every week and reaffirm your “why”. Why are you truly doing what you are doing and striving for these goals? As the saying goes, “The bigger the why, the bigger the try!”

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” ~ Michelangelo

#2 - Organization Is Key

One of the top things that helps the best sales reps the most is staying organized. Dedicate a block of time at the end of each day to make sure all of your notes (electronic and handwritten) are properly tagged and in the right place, any checklists are organized and up to date, and your customer data is up to date.

The very minute you start to let organization slip, everything slips. Client or prospect accounts will go untouched. Critical follow-ups don’t happen. New opportunities fall through the cracks.

Make good organization a top priority early on (or start today) and you will have a successful career as a sales professional.

#3 - Technology Is Your Ally

With ever-increasing technology and sales applications, it is essential to utilize these available tools as much as possible and set yourself up for success. There are dozens of great sales tools out there that can help improve your sales productivity, time management, and performance. Most of them are available in desktop and mobile versions so you can seamlessly work wherever you are at.

Technology can do wonders for you and your selling process. As a field or remote sales rep, it is essential now to be utilizing an all-in-one territory mapping program that can optimize your sale routes and also help manage your current clients and prospects. Programs and applications like these save you valuable time and transportation costs, open the door to new sales opportunities and help identify trends that would otherwise be buried in manually created spreadsheets.

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#4 - Truly Know What You Are Selling & Believe In It

Nothing turns off a potential customer faster than a field sales rep who doesn’t know what they are selling. Knowing the simple details, like the name of the product or brand, that anyone can find on the internet is not going to cut it. You have to remember that you are selling a solution. Whether that solution is a product or a service. As a successful sales professional, you must be able to give your prospect some tips or solutions in the form of things like technical inputs, performance metrics, and customer success stories that are not easily available elsewhere. Your customer’s buying decision should be heavily influenced by your in-depth knowledge about your product or service and the solutions it offers.

Once you know what you’re selling and how it can solve your prospects pain points, you also have to believe in what you are selling. Who else will believe in you or your product if you don’t? It is essential to have faith in what you are saying. The more you believe in what you are selling, the easier it will become to sell it, and you can easily answer any difficult questions from your prospects.

#5 - Sales Doesn’t End When You Close The Deal

When you close that deal with a prospect and secure a sale, that doesn’t mean you also close the book on communication or interaction with that client. Many field sales reps or remote sales professionals make the horrible mistake of forgetting the customer once the sale is finalized. Sales is a never-ending process. Once you make a prospect a customer, they are your customer forever. It is essential to ensure that you continue to meet their wants and expectations of the product at all times without hesitation. This includes great customer service, quick problem resolution, and fast responses to any follow-up emails or calls they may send you.

Remember, there may be opportunities for future upgrades or sales to this customer in the future. Also, if you treat them well, they will refer more customers to you as well. Brands are built by repeat sales, not single transactions.

“You don’t close a sale; you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.” ~ Patricia Fripp

#6 - Underpromise and Overdeliver

One of the best strategies is to underpromise results to your clients but strive to overdeliver. For example, If you know you can get an answer back to a prospect’s technical question in two days time, tell them you will have it to them in three to four. This not only gives you time for any delays, but it also sets you up to exceed client expectations, motivates you to put in the extra effort, and you avoid making empty promises.

By underpromising and overdelivering, you build relationships for life. Your prospects and current customers will truly feel like you went above and beyond for them and it will also get you in the habit of striving to make your customers happy.

**#**7 - Listen To Your Client

You simply cannot become a top seller only by being a smooth talker. To become an exceptional sales professional you have to listen to your client, detect their obstacles and examine how these can be resolved by using the product or services of your company. Do more listening than talking.

To create a loyal customer, you have to focus on what they need as well as their expectations of a product. Offer suggestions from your product or service portfolio that match their requirements.


#8 - Review & Manage Your Calendar

At the end of every week, dedicate a block of your day to evaluating exactly how much time was spent on prospecting, sales conversations, specific customer work, follow-ups, and administrative tasks. This will give you a launching point to review where your time was spent and allow you to better schedule for the coming week. This will also help to improve your time management overall.

More often than not, you will find that your calendar will have too many internal meetings and admin time interfering with your ability to sufficiently prospect, properly engage in sales conversations, and handle appropriate customer work. To be a top field sales rep you have to learn to say no to things that get in your way of selling.

#9 - Always Strive To Learn

You may have heard the acronym ABL which stands for “always be learning”. That could not be more valuable than in the field of sales. Ignoring this concept and thinking you know better could literally cost you thousands of dollars in missed sales.

Make it a habit to regularly read books on sales techniques and motivation, attend seminars, work with a mentor (especially one who is familiar with your business or even on your team), or listen to podcasts from top sales experts. As a sales rep, regular training and mentorship can help keep your sales counter ticking.

The sales world can be very tough, but taking the time to always be learning and improving your game can help motivate you again and again and not quit when times feel tough. You will constantly be learning from the best.

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Wrapping It All Up

These 9 tips and tricks for field and remote sales reps can easily be implemented today. If incorporated and executed correctly, they can definitely boost your sales career to new heights and have you standing with the top sales professionals.

Set sales targets that scare you. Embrace technology and use it to your advantage to help you achieve these goals. Focus on the end result by serving the customer even after you close the deal. Strive to offer solutions versus just selling your product or service. By doing these things, it won’t take long before you become a top-selling sales rep.

Have you already implemented some of these tips and they are working for you? Do you know of opportunities in your day where you can start some of these immediately? Let us know, we want to hear from you!