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Visualize Your Sales Pipeline With These Free Templates

Mapping out your sales pipeline is an essential part of maximizing the success of your team’s efforts. It helps guide

How to Define Your Sales Pipeline Stages (Plus a free template)

Every industry, business, sales team, and sales process is unique. So each of their sales pipelines should be, too. A sales pipeline

3 Differences Between a Sales Pipeline Vs Sales Funnel

In the world of sales and marketing, there are many terms that companies use to describe what is happening in everyday business, and keeping it all straight can often leave your head spinning. Two terms that are often used are sales pipeline and sales funnel. They describe and help breakdown both the customer journey and […]

What is a Sales Funnel?: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Building a Strong Sales Funnel

Want to transform total strangers into not only loyal customers but brand evangelists? The secret is in the funnel . . . the sales funnel, that is. Your sales funnel lays out a clear roadmap for how a lead navigates through the buying journey (and therefore your sales pipeline also.) The specific “stages” of the […]

Building Robust Sales Funnel Stages

Having structured sales funnel stages mapped out will give you and your team insight into your buyer’s journey. Armed with this information, your sales efforts can more effectively meet the needs of prospects and data-backed sales management decisions can be made to help skyrocket sales efficiency. Thus, creating a more reliable revenue stream. But, you […]

The 6 Best Sales Funnel Software Tools to Categorize Your Prospects and Customers

Digital marketing is becoming more important every day, so the need for the right sales funnel software to manage analytics and customer information is more important than ever. A sales funnel is a tool to help sales teams and leaders visualize the customer’s buying journey through the sales cycle. Different stages in the sales funnel […]

5 Sales Funnel Template Examples To Visualize Your Buyer’s Journey

For any business that is selling products or services, its buyers go through a journey that takes them from having never heard of the company to being loyal customers. But do you know exactly what that journey looks like for your business? Visualizing the stages your customers go through, in what is known as the […]

How to Manage Deals and Grow Your Sales Pipeline

The goal of most businesses, especially from the sales side, is to turn as many leads as possible into customers. Many different things have an impact on that goal during different stages of your sales process. One of the best ways to optimize your company’s sales efforts is to pinpoint where opportunities for improvement lie. […]

Zoho Maps - Visualize Your Sales Data With Mapping

You know how powerful the Zoho CRM can be for your business and your sales team. It is an industry-leading multi-channel CRM with the ability to pull crucial customer information you and your reps need at the click of a button or by voice request. But, you can level up your sales data even more […]

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