Discover industry-leading advice by downloading eBooks here. In our Outside Sales Playbooks, get top advice on how to build, manage and onboard teams. Or, learn the top ways to be more efficient in the field.

Outside Sales Playbook: Optimizing Your CRM for the Field (eBook)

According to Salesforce, 91% of CRM data is incomplete. If the data compiled in your company’s CRM software is not utilized properly

Outside Sales Playbook: Boosting Efficiency as a Field Sales Rep (eBook)

Are you a field rep looking to spend more time selling to the right customers and less time on the road? This guide is broken up into three main chapters that are crucial for optimizing everyday tasks and boosting your efficiency as a field rep. – How to Generate Better Leads – How to Optimize […]

Outside Sales Playbook: Building a Successful Outside Sales Team (eBook)

Building a successful outside sales team takes some work. In this e-book, you’ll discover step-by-step practices to streamline your onboarding, motivate your team, and map out your territories.

A Sales Hunter's Guide to Finding Prospects and Closing Deals (eBook)

Are you a sales hunter? The Hunter is constantly on the lookout for new prospects. They go to many networking events, join other types of organizations, use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to reach out to people, make a lot of calls, and ask for referrals on a regular basis. Check out our guide […]

The Sales Farmer's Ultimate Guide to Nurturing and Building their Pipeline (eBook)

A strong farmer will find his skills lend themselves to building and fostering strong relationships. The Farmer is most comfortable fertilizing and watering existing relationships.

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