Decrease Onboarding Time for Your Sales Team [Infographic]

The onboarding process for new sales reps is more than handing them an employee handbook and access to your CRM. According to a survey of 384 companies, the average length of time it takes to ramp up a new sales rep is 4.5 months. However, almost 20% of companies take longer than seven months to […]

How Cadence Management Can Aid Your Sales Team [Infographic]

Not properly following up with prospects is one of the top and most common mistakes salespeople make. How frequently you stay in contact with your sales accounts and prospects, especially your larger accounts, can make or break your client relationships. This of course directly impacts your bottom line. If your accounts are not separated by […]

Increase Lead Generation with Automation & Opportunity Visualization [Infographic]

Most companies know that dry reports and KPIs are difficult for most people to read and understand in an actionable way. The use of data visualization is quickly becoming standard amongst sales teams as leaders discover the use of presenting information in easy to digest ways. However, many leaders fail to realize how extending their […]

How to Optimize Territory Management to Boost Efficiency [Infographic]

Territory management is never truly done. While it can be tempting to think the process is completed after initially defining territories, it requires a continual assessment to measure progress. This assessment will help you gauge how effective your territory planning is and if it is working for your sales team. That is why we created […]

Benefits of Route Optimization For Your Sales Team [Infographic]

Any traveling sales rep would agree: multi-stop route planning is one of the most tedious and stressful parts of their job. However, most sales teams don’t invest in proper route planning and optimization. Ineffective scheduling is the number one killer of time management and productivity for outside sales reps. When you have a meeting scheduled […]

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