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What is Sales Data Visualization and How You Can Leverage It

If you’re using software to collect and analyze sales data, you’ve probably already encountered sales visualization tools. Things like forecasting, rep performance, or lead generation can be easily viewed in the form of basic charts, tables, or graphs. But how do you know it’s giving you the smartest visual interpretations of all your precious data? […]

Increase Lead Generation with Automation & Opportunity Visualization [Infographic]

Most companies know that dry reports and KPIs are difficult for most people to read and understand in an actionable way. The use of data visualization is quickly becoming standard amongst sales teams as leaders discover the use of presenting information in easy to digest ways. However, many leaders fail to realize how extending their […]

5 Ways A Sales Team Can Benefit From Opportunity Visualization

Today’s CRMs are a double-edged sword. They act as a database for all your sales team’s activities by storing detailed information on existing customers and new leads.

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