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2023 Sales Goals for a High-Performing Team

What will 2023 hold for your sales team? Here are some ways you can approach your team’s sales goals and sales performance in the new year, and things you can implement to up your game.

7 Sales Performance Metrics That Aren’t Revenue

If you are only measuring your sales reps’ performance by revenue, then you are missing the point. Of course, revenue-based sales metrics will tell you if your team is meeting sales quotas or not. But, they’re not going to provide an explanation as to

Step by Step Guide to Better Sales Coaching

Most likely, you’re throwing your money away on ineffective sales coaching. And you’re not alone. When it comes to coaching a sales team, it takes intentionality and strategy to help your sales reps sell effectively and become as successful as possible. According to research from CSO Insights, 75% of sales organizations waste resources due to […]

One on One Coaching Plan Templates For Sales Leaders

As the lead manager of a sales team, you want to ensure that your team members perform optimally and meet their regular goals. To do this, it’s imperative to have established metrics and objectives. You should also set up a one on one coaching plan template that you can use when meeting with your reps. […]

The 6 Best Sales Coaching Software Tools

When it comes to coaching a sales team, there are many different metrics you could capture to help drive your coaching plan, depending on the individual/team. Of course, for reps who have already been out in the field, sales leadership can look at hard sales data and look at key metrics like win rate and, […]

How to Use Sales Data for Coaching

Alternatively referred to as “career counseling” or “professional advising,” sales coaching is a highly effective way of helping sales reps perform at their best. In the past, team leads or managers would primarily focus on anecdotal evidence when providing coaching to their staff members. While they would leverage some data-driven insights when creating their coaching […]

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