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How Jasper Engines Uses Map My Customers for an Effective Sales Follow-up Process

The success of your team’s sales efforts is directly impacted by how effective their sales follow-up process is. Learn How Jasper Engines uses Map My Customers to drive their sales follow-up process.

Everything You Need to Know About Spotio (Pros & Cons)

Data visualization, location intelligence, and automation are essential for field sales teams to be as successful as possible. In today’s sales environment using the right software can give both reps and sales leaders a deeper understanding of their territories, help manage them more effectively, and supercharge reps’ productivity. You know you want to empower your […]

Everything You Need to Know About SalesRabbit (Pros & Cons)

You may be tired of hearing the old adage “work smarter, not harder”. But in the digital business environment that today’s field sales teams are working in, it is still very relevant. If your team is not utilizing the power of sales tools for mapping or optimizing your sales territory mapping efforts, you can quickly […]

Understanding Sales Software Categories and How They Can Help Sales Teams

There’s no doubt that the business environments we operate in now are digital-heavy and packed with more-informed consumers. That is why one of the most essential weapons of today’s successful sales teams is sales software. So, if your team is not optimizing their effectiveness through the use of technology, they will be left behind by […]

Everything You Need to Know About Maptive (Pros & Cons)

For today’s outside sales teams to truly be successful, comprehensive territory management and location intelligence software is absolutely essential. Using these tools will enable your reps to effectively work territories, pinpoint and capitalize on new sales opportunities, and optimize sales growth. The good news is, there is no shortage of available options in this type […]

Everything You Need to Know About Badger Maps (Pros & Cons)

Successful sales teams know that in today’s fast-moving and super-competitive business environment, sales automation and location intelligence are essential tools to use. To truly optimize your reps’ efforts

What Gets Measured Gets Done: The Proven Sales Plan from Jasper Engines - Episode 001

Managing a large sales team can often lead to challenges within an organization. Having a defined sales process can lead the team through those challenges and bring continued success. Much like many businesses in the early part of 2020

7 Tips to Be Successful During the Holiday Sales Slump

You might be nibbling on your nails right now if you’re a sales leader. With the annual holiday sales slump quickly approaching, is your team prepared to rise to the occasion and beat the holiday sales slump this season? The holidays can be an especially difficult time for businesses for various reasons, including delays caused […]

Get Automatic Updates on Your Team’s Sales Performance with Your Weekly Scorecard from Map My Customers

The Weekly Scorecard feature gives sales teams a regular update on the sales performance, straight to your inbox automatically The best performing sales organizations have a constant finger on the pulse of exactly what is happening from day to day. This includes sales activities, conversions, revenue, etc. But, in general, many field sales teams have […]

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