Sales Touch Points: When to Automate and When to Keep A Human Interaction

Every buyer-seller relationship requires touch points. A basic marketing principle says you need at least seven of ‘em to turn a lead into a sale. And even past the point of sale, touch points are key to keep your customer happy and the quality of their experience healthy. As your lead and customer lists grow,… Read More

The Best Mobile Sales Enablement Tools Currently on the Market

Mobile sales enablement has become a hot topic for business growth. Sales leaders realize the importance of investing in tools to empower their team, and the market is growing by leaps and bounds. Sales enablement technology is currently a $780 million market and is expected to grow to $5 billion by 2021. Why are businesses… Read More

5 Ways to Use Sales Analytics to Increase Customer Retention

Your most valuable kinds of customers are the ones you keep. Your most dangerous customers are the ones you lose. It’s been proven time and time again: customer retention is the simplest, most affordable way to drive profit. It’s cheaper than acquiring new customers, it increases average customer lifetime value, and it creates… Read More

Data Security Awareness and Its Importance for Sales Reps

Data security has become a key concern for most companies. Like many major corporations, even the US federal government, experience data breaches at an alarming rate, it is clear that everyone could benefit from increased cybersecurity measures. Although executives and business owners realize the importance of data security and seek to take active measures to… Read More

Top 3 Tips for a Less Annoying CRM

Customer relationship management (or CRM) software helps your team to track and respond to every step of your customers’ journey, from end to end. When you properly integrate CRM into your business strategy and daily routines, you can streamline client interactions, increase automation, centralize information, save time and money, make data-driven decisions, collaborate more effectively,… Read More

5 Actionable Steps to Help You Hit Your SMART 2019 Sales Goals

The year is new, the books are fresh, and the revenue is yours for the taking! All that’s left to do is set your business’ sights on success. And no matter your industry now is the perfect time to get yourself on track with SMART sales goals. Although enthusiasm for intelligent sales goals is… Read More

Channel Sales: What It Is and the Best Channel Sales Strategies

TECHmarc Labs While growth is the hallmark of a healthy business, it can come with its own set of challenges. Many companies want to find a scalable model of sales that will grow with them. Channel sales could be just the answer when you need a low-risk and efficient sales model that can be adjusted… Read More