Sales is equal parts science and art, so it will always continue to grow and evolve. While there are some solid, basic principles for getting better at sales, changing customer expectations and markets means there is always something new to learn.

The top sales reps and leaders know that learning should always be a part of the job. Taking time to hear the top sales experts helps them improve and refine their process to resonate with leads and prospects.

Thankfully, learning from top sales leaders has never been easier. Podcasts offer a great way for sales reps to absorb more information whenever is convenient.

We’ve compiled a list of the top experts and the best sales podcasts you should be following to hone your craft and start improving your sales processes today.

Why You Should Be Listening to Sales Leaders

When it comes to improving your or your team’s sales, you have a couple of options. The first is to stumble through your sales process, analyze the results, and learn through your mistakes. Over time, you can eventually improve, but there will likely be a lot of casualties and lost sales along the way.

The second option is to learn through the ones who have been there before you. You can learn from their science, mistakes, and observations to get it right as early as possible. Sales leaders can provide insights that you may never have noticed and have the expertise to provide actionable information.

Learning from sales leaders can help you:

Gain New Skills

Whether you are new to the world of sales, entering the leadership pool for the first time, or a veteran, everyone can stand to gain new skills. The world of sales continues to change, and even those with the most experience may find themselves having to navigate new waters. For example, social selling has become the new way to make new connections and has become necessary in the wake of COVID. There is always something new to learn no matter how long you have been in sales.

Improve Old Skills

New resources, science, and information are constantly being released about sales. For example, prospecting is always evolving. Sales leaders have access to this new, cutting-edge information that can improve your skill set and find more success in sales.


While technology and experience are always important for leveling up in skills, nothing beats old-fashion motivation and determination. The right inspiration and goals will make sales reps and leaders dig deeper and try harder to succeed. Thankfully, sales leaders can provide that in spades. Most leaders rise to prominence because of their ability to inspire others to follow their path or advice. After a difficult day or lackluster sales, listening to a sales leader can help re-ignite the fire.

In times past, though, getting information from sales leaders required sitting in on seminars, going to conferences, or reading books. At the end of the day, though, it can be challenging to motivate yourself to read yet another sales book or follow along with a seminar to gain these advantages.

Thankfully, sales podcasts make it easier to get the latest news and insights from top sales leaders. Its convenience means that you can fit learning in whenever is best for your schedule. Whether you have a 10-minute break between sales calls, a long commute, or want something to get you motivated as you get ready for the day, a podcast can fill your time perfectly. That’s why 37% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly.

Top Sales Leaders and the Best Sales Podcasts

While podcasts are convenient, there are only so many you can fit in one day. Get the most out of your time by choosing to listen to the greats that discuss topics relevant to your position and skill level.

Here are some of the top sales leaders and their podcasts:

Linda Richardson, Conversations with Women in Sales

Best for: Women in sales positions

Listen on: iTunes and Stitcher

While women continue to gain momentum in representation across all careers, sales seems to fall behind. Today, they represent just 39% of all sales reps. Encouragement for women, then, is more vital than ever.

Linda Richardson is all about empowering women in sales. As a best-selling author, consultant, and leader in the sales training industry, Linda knows what it takes to succeed as a woman in Sales. She recently took over Conversations with Women in Sales, started by the late, great Barbara Giamanco. This podcast gives women the representation and helps tackle specific sales challenges, such as overcoming adversity, strategic partnerships, and account-based selling. Richardson interviews the top women in sales from large companies such as LinkedIn and Salesloft.

Marylou Tyler, Predictable Prospecting

Best for: Tips on Prospecting

Listen on: iTunes and Stitcher

Marylou is a former engineer turned sales engagement expert. As the founder of Strategic Pipeline, she knows all about the sales prospecting process. Tyler’s podcast delves into the area most sales reps dread: prospecting. The podcast explores the challenges and solutions for many aspects of sales prospecting. She gives practical advice related to lead generation, pipeline management, and social selling, as well as a wide range of topics to help make prospecting easier.

Andy Paul, Sales Enablement Podcast

Best for: Interviews with sales giants

Listen on: iTunes and Stitcher

Andy Paul is a sales giant in his own right. He is a speaker, strategist, and author of the best-seller “Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company’s Sales.” His podcast takes it to another level, though, as he interviews top experts six times a week. Robert Cialdini, Jill Konrath, and Jeffrey Gitomer are just a few of the experts that give insights on everything from career advancement to creating value for customers.

Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller, The Ziglar Show—Inspiring Your True Performance

Best for: Zig Ziglar philosophy and motivation

Listen on: iTunes and Stitcher

Zig Ziglar was arguably one of the most motivational speakers of his time. His son, Tom, continues on his legacy in the top-rated podcasts he cohosts with Kevin Miller, the CEO of Agent Academy. In The Ziglar Show, they interview the top sales reps and influencers in the world. They spend their time discussing what fueled the guest’s success and how they became the top in the field. The podcast can help provide motivation at the end of a rough day, week, or month.

Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey, The Advanced Selling Podcast

Best for: Bingeing, Networking

Listen on: iTunes and Stitcher

Bryan Neale is an expert sales trainer, and Bill Caskey is an author, speaker, and founder of Sales Leadership Academy. Together, their podcast delves into the deeper side of sales with sales strategies to reach revenue goals. With over 700 episodes, there is no shortage of things to learn through their podcast. Plus, if you download their app, you’ll get bonus content and be able to ask questions for Neale and Caskey to address on the podcast. You can also join their LinkedIn group for support from fellow sales professionals.

Jeb Blout, Sales Gravy

Best for: Short, daily advice

Listen on: iTunes and Stitcher

Jeb Blout is the best-selling author of People Buy You and CEO of Sales Gravy. In addition to long, in-depth guides that delve into the practical side of selling and leading, Sales Gravy also offers 5-minute daily episodes for a quick source of inspiration. Get advice on building a personal brand, team building, high-performance selling, and skills training. Each episode, whether long or short, gives actionable advice to help take your sales and leadership to the next level.

Donald C. Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

Best for: B2B sales insights

Listen on: Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher

Donald Kelly is a renowned sales coach and the president of The Sales Evangelist LLC. His podcast, The Sales Evangelist, is all around one theme: you could be earning more as a sales rep, no matter who you are. Donald interviews the top sales experts in B2B to show you how you can do that by increasing your sales skills. He provides practical B2B sales advice to help you earn a higher income.

Pat Helmers, The Sales Babble Podcast

Best for: Small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs

Listen on: iTunes and Android

Pat Helmers is the founder of Habanero Media and the influential Selling With Confidence Sales System. In his podcast, he provides practical sales tips in easy-to-understand language. He delves into various topics, including prospecting, mindset, pitching to startups, and selling to government entities. It is perfect for sales leaders in smaller sectors, such as entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners.

Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow, Sell or Die

Best for: Super achievers who want to level up

Listen on: iTunes, Stitcher, and PlayerFM

Jeffrey Gitomer is the best-selling author of Little Red Book of Selling, and Jennifer Gluckow is the renowned LinkedIn and networking expert. Together, their podcast, Sell or Die, gets into the art and science of selling. They interview top sales, marketing, and personal development leaders and experts to help take your selling to the next level. They delve into the habits and mindsets of top performers to help push you to the limits of selling.

Sam Jacobs, The Sales Hacker Podcast

Best for: Selling fundamentals

Listen on: iTunes and Stitcher

Sam Jacobs is the founder and CEO of Revenue Collective and host of Sales Hacker. The official podcast of the popular sales professional community, Sales Hacker, comes out with two episodes each week. Each Tuesday features a roundtable with the top VPs, investors, and founders to discuss new techniques and actionable information. They also have a shorter Friday Fundamentals episode each week that discusses the important basics of sales to help you learn and brush up on the foundations of selling.

CeCe Aparo and Jeff Hoffman, Your Sales MBA

Best for: Answering your burning questions

Listen on: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher

Both CeCe and Jeff provide consulting to some of the top companies to help them improve their sales strategies. They give some of their expert advice on Your Sales MBA. One of the most popular aspects of the show is their answers to emails. If you have a question you don’t want to ask a leader or peer, you can email it to them. They cover a wide variety of topics to cover all things sales.

Level Up with the Best Sales Podcasts

No matter what your challenge, position, or goals, there is the right podcast for you. Sales leaders can help provide solutions and challenge you to take your sales to the next level. Whether you are leading a sales team, just starting out, or have your eyes set on becoming a top seller, use podcasts to help you reach your goals.

Give one of these sales leaders a listen today!