Why are successful businesses willing to put so much money into mobile-friendly sales enablement tools? Because they know it works — according to Quark, in 2019, 71% of companies polled said that having dedicated sales enablement increased sales reps’ productivity and 56% saw an increase in the sales pipeline as a result.

Effective sales enablement means that you’re arming your sales reps with everything they need to get ahead, be prepared, and feel confident, informed, and capable while they’re out in the field. They will be connecting with the right prospects and customers at just the right time.

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If you are serious about sales enablement you need to invest in the tools to optimize it. With the right mobile sales tools and technology solutions for this, you will be allowing your company to land more sales and see higher revenue.

But, with so many tools available today, it can be hard to sort through and determine which are going to be the best options. We’ve done the legwork for you. Here are some of the best mobile sales apps for sales enablement, broken down by category, that can help your team sell more wherever they are:

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Mobile Sales Tools for Content Sharing & Management


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Most sales reps know the importance of providing relevant content to their prospects at the right time. Today’s buyers expect consultative, informative, and personalized sales conversations that drive value and deliver insights. Case studies, market research, virtual product demonstrations, and white papers can convince leads to choose your product with confidence or push customers to understand the benefits of your upsell. Thus, increasing your closing effectiveness. However, all of these documents and links can be a nightmare to organize, let alone sync between devices.

Enter Showpad. It allows your sales team to efficiently find the content that they need, on any device, and guide buyers through the sales process with customized and interactive experiences. Your reps can also send content to prospects with ease. And if you’re not sure what to use, Showpad can recommend content by way of its algorithms and AI.

The platform integrates with a host of applications, including many CRMs, Gmail, Outlook, and social media platforms, so that you aren’t stuck switching platforms to find the content you need.

Fision Online

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If your marketing and sales teams operate separately, chances are they’re not sharing crucial information that could help close and sustain deals. This happens all too often even though they should operate symbiotically -- often it simply boils down to not having enough time or awareness to share insights or resources that the other could find useful.

Fision Online reorganizes your materials to help your team have the right information and brand-compliant documents they need to understand your market and close deals. The platform gives your reps the power to utilize branded assets and content on their mobile device, tablet, or desktop at any time from anywhere.

Beyond digital asset management, they offer template and email marketing builders that make it a one-stop-shop for campaign creation. And with a statistic that says they double their clients’ time selling, it’s an investment worth exploring.


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Seismic provides a centralized location to manage all sales resources and information, while also providing improved alignment between sales and marketing. Through AI and machine learning, Seismic can help speed up your sales cycle. With their live data feed, sales reps are kept up-to-date, even when they are out of the office.

Not only can Seismic help sales reps share content easily, but they even make recommendations based on what stage your prospect is in the sales process. It gives your sales team the knowledge and information they need to be effective and a source of wisdom for buyers. It’s no surprise, then, that Seismic improves close rates and delivers larger deals.

And with their acquisition of Savo in 2018, one of the oldest sales enablement solutions in the space, it’s safe to consider their team as particularly experienced when it comes to the needs in this space.

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Pricing: Plans start at $75/mo

Want to make sure your documents stand out and always look professional without having to deal with complicated formatting? Enable reps to provide great-looking documents, quotes, sales decks, and other documents to your clients with Qwilr.

Simply set up custom templates and brand styles (like fonts and colors) for your entire team. Reps can then access, store, and share web-based documents from their mobile device.

Using a tool like Qwilr can enable sales teams to provide perfectly curated and personalized documents to prospects and customers — meaning more closes than ever.


Pricing: Plans start at $10/mo

After all the hard work that goes into securing a client, don't let the signing process hold you up. DocuSign gives you and your clients the flexibility to sign from anywhere. It makes the process easy, allowing sales reps to access DocuSign from their mobile devices and close deals faster.

With DocuSign, you can track any important documents that may need your signature as well as documents that you are waiting to get signed, without having to wait until you are back in the office. You no longer have to let any potential client get lost in a sea of paperwork.


Pricing: There is a free version available, while upgraded plans start at $19/mo

PandaDoc’s goal is to “give your sales leaders and reps the insights, assets, and automation they need to overachieve.” This is exactly what this powerful mobile-ready platform does. Sales teams use PandaDoc to improve deal workflow, insights, and speed while delivering an amazing buying experience to their customers. This is done through the use of automated workflows, accessible sales collateral, and detailed analytics, all available on the go if needed.

The all-in-one document automation and enablement software helps to streamline the process of creating and sharing proposals, quotes, and contracts, getting them approved, and eSigned. Thus significantly cutting down on bottlenecks in the most important part of the sales process.

Sales managers can also use PandaDoc to effortlessly track individual reps’ activity and overall team performance in real-time to gain a level of insight beyond your traditional CRM.

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Source: PandaDoc

Mobile Sales Tools for Sales Training & Onboarding

Hub360 from Unboxed

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Sales training can be a significant drain on your sales reps’ time and your company’s resources. But, it is a critical part of a successful sales enablement plan. The average time it takes a sales rep to be profitable is 21 months, which means that any time you can effectively reduce the onboarding period you will bring in more revenue for your company.

Hub360 is a mobile-first tool made to cut down the training time for enterprise sales teams and can be accessed from almost anywhere with a mobile device. You can deliver just-in-time sales training to your reps remotely without having to take them out of the field. The application features interactive demos, a content library, guided selling based on buyer input, and robust reporting metrics.

Using a tool like Hub360 from Unboxed creates better consistency amongst your reps and improves the customer experience, leading to more sales.


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If experience matters to you when it comes to sales training, Brainshark has been around longer than most of its competitors and touts a customer base of over a thousand clients. It integrates seamlessly with other powerful platforms and CRMs to give you custom insight based on your team’s unique metrics.

Because of its mobile-first philosophy, sellers can be trained and coached literally anywhere.  It also provides easy content creation and sharing and harnesses deep analytics to provide further insight into your team.


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Gong says, “the game isn’t about having more conversations, it’s about having better ones." Their mobile enablement and revenue intelligence technology records, stores, and analyzes every sales conversation that your team has, even sales meetings out in the field. You can use this information to help coach your sales reps so that each one can sell better.

You no longer have to guess how your sales team is doing and where they need training. The information Gong supplies will allow you to get everyone on the same page with the same messaging and approach -- or it can show you how to personalize your messages to reach new markets.

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Source: Gong.io


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Are your sales training materials boring? When is the last time they’ve been updated? How often do you share those updates with your salespeople that have already been trained?

Lessonly, a mobile-friendly learning application, is a beautiful option for sales training and knowledge sharing that is easier and simpler than many options out there. You can quickly drag and drop assets of all kinds to make your own training materials, or craft chat-based scenarios that help your salespeople hone their skills through interactivity. Feedback can be uniform and organized to give your staff a clearer path to success.


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A big part of sales enablement is making sure reps know how to use the specific sales software and tools that are a part of your company’s sales process. This can also be one of the most time-consuming parts of the ramp-up period for new reps.

With WhatFix, you can streamline the digital adoption process and close the gap between learning and implementation. The WhatFix mobile-friendly platform is an end-to-end onboarding and training solution that provides task-based learning and  in-app guidance and performance support for software and web applications.

You can easily create and personalize interactive walkthroughs that appear within the applications your reps will be using. Like Salesforce for example. This allows your new reps to get comfortable in the flow of work, retain the software training faster, and makes learning fluid across all systems and user touch points.


Pricing: Starts at $50 per user per month

Convin Conversational Intelligence platform enables sales leaders to review hours and hours of sales conversations at a glance and provide feedback at scale to the entire team. Convin easily integrates with your customer engagement platforms like email, phone, meetings, Slack, and even other sales tools like Outreach, Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshworks, ZohoCRMs, Pipedrive to provide seamless data flow of meetings to your preferred reviewing platform.

Mobile Sales Tools for Internal Communications


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A major part of sales is enthusiasm. Sales reps that lack excitement over your brand or their job will bore your potential clients and make lackluster sales. Hoopla is a motivation and recognition platform that uses friendly competition to light a fire under your sales team.

Hoopla uses fame mechanics, data analytics, and video in one application to allow sales managers and leaders to drive performance in their team. With Hoopla, you can translate your business goals into contests and leaderboards that your salespeople can track from their phones. It also integrates with your CRM to recognize the completion of milestones in real-time.

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Source: Hoopla


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When you have a strong, positive, and motivated sales culture it will be translated into positive customer experiences. But sometimes that can be tough to maintain with remote or field sales reps. SalesScreen helps you create and maintain that culture easily and keeps the buzz of a “sales floor” alive, even for global teams. This sales performance software uses visualization and gamification to help companies build happier, more productive workplaces, and keep sales reps connected from anywhere.

The robust platform brings your data into one place by integrating with your existing CRM and makes daily work-life exciting and collaborative through competitions and peer-to-peer recognition.

SalesScreen helps companies of all sizes to improve employee focus, motivation, and productivity through gamification, competitions, milestone tracking, and recognition. Also, real-time data visualization is easy with the ability to create custom dashboards to visualize sales KPIs and goals and quickly share progress updates with the sales team.


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Communicating with clients is one thing, but have you considered how you’re doing so internally? Do you know how effective your announcements, surveys, company videos, or training documents are when it comes to the many kinds of employees in your company?

SocialChorus helps you create, distribute, and measure the performance of content that is specifically crafted to keep your team on the same page. The mobile application enables you to share real-time news and alerts with your sales team no matter where they're working. Plus, you can specifically target campaigns to reach the right employees, which means less irrelevant communications and higher morale.


Pricing: Team plans start at $149.90 per year

Meetings are the lifeblood of any sales team. Between meetings amongst your team to share information and collaborate, and meetings with clients to make sales, most salespeople find that they need to be at too many places during the day.

Zoom offers sales reps the chance to connect remotely from mobile devices. Your leaders can share information, team members can collaborate, and your reps can be flexible to meet with a client whenever and wherever. Not only does Zoom allow you to connect from your phone, but you can record conversations to view later and screen share to communicate and show valuable content easily.

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Source: Zoom

Mobile Sales Tools for Sales Intelligence & Prospecting

InsideView Sales

Pricing: Plans start at $99/mo. Learn more with a free demo

For many B2B sales teams, gathering sales intelligence and prospecting for new leads who fit your target customer profile can be a headache. From becoming an expert on every prospect to identifying new industry opportunities, these are especially crucial activities for any seller using outbound tactics.

Inside View Sales is the answer to make sure your sales reps are informed sellers who are targeting the right prospects at the right time. With this platform, one of the best apps for sales leads and sales intelligence, sales reps can tap into a database of company and industry intelligence to connect with the right prospects, utilize more relevant engagement, and optimize sales effectiveness.

The mobile app enables sellers to stay informed while on the go. Reps can quickly access information about the people and companies they are meeting with, receive mobile alerts to stay current on organizations and decision-makers, and view and respond to social posts to remain top of mind with prospects and customers.


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As mentioned above, it’s crucial to have precise information and research about your customers, but it can be hard to keep that data clean -- or find the right data in the first place. By simply closing this gap using data enrichment, you can increase your precision and productivity by not only understanding the leads you already have but identifying future opportunities.

This is where ZoomInfo comes in, offering the most accurate and actionable B2B contact data and intelligence available in the market today, with integrations available for big industry-standard CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce. With this platform, you can schedule and automate the enrichment of your CRM data and infuse your database with ZoomInfo’s information on team size, funding, technology use, and hundreds of other data points.

The robust mobile app from ZoomInfo enables you to communicate with your key customers and prospects, as well as dig up the information you need to manage your deals while on the go.

Map My Customers

Pricing: Plans start at $50/month. Try the app free today!

Optimizing your sales team’s activities and processes, especially when it comes to sales intelligence, is critical to successful sales enablement. Luckily, there are mobile-friendly tools that can handle all of it. From charts and reports that allow you to get better data visualization of KPIs to territory mapping and team management to route optimization and lead generators, Map My Customers provides you with all the sales intelligence and automation you need directly on your mobile device.

One of the main obstacles to selling is that your sales reps are bogged down with activities that keep them from selling. As one of the best apps for sales routes, Map My Customers helps cut down on common time-wasters, namely route planning and driving time.

The mobile-first application that was purpose-built for traveling sales reps optimizes your processes and enables you to make sure that your salespeople spend more time doing what they're meant to do: sell.

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Source: Map My Customers

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pricing: Annual and monthly plans available starting at $64.99/mo

Uncovering new leads, reaching out to the right people, and closing deals more efficiently is made easier, even on the go, using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With this app, sales reps can tap into LinkedIn, the most powerful online professional network, and reach the right kind of customers more effectively using the built-in search and filter features.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can conveniently call, email, or send InMail private messages to decision-makers from their profile using LinkedIn or CRM contact information. You can also use the app to find and save promising new prospects or easily collaborate with your other team members to discover who knows a prospect before entering a meeting.

The app also provides actionable insights and real-time relevant news, ensuring reps have a deeper understanding of their customers and can continue to fill their pipeline with new prospects.


Pricing: There is a free plan for small businesses who are just getting started, upgraded business plans start at $9.99/mo

Due to the private nature of email, it’s hard to track exactly what’s going on in your sellers’ inboxes. Not in a creepy way, of course -- but if your team sells primarily through personalized one-on-one communications, it can be hard to provide the enablement they need without either micromanaging or becoming Big Brother.

Mailchimp eases that tricky balance while also empowering sales reps to connect with customers more effectively. The powerful mobile app allows you and your salespeople to gain sales intelligence and understand their open rates, link clicks, and other variables happening within their email communications. Reps can manage their audience from their mobile device and email campaigns can be easily built and shared team-wide for consistency.

Mailchimp’s integration with several of the top CRMs helps cut down on data entry when working with your company’s email prospecting.

Mobile Sales Enablement for More Revenue

If your sales teams can align and optimize their selling methods, they’ll give your clients the peace of mind and sense of security they need to work with you. The sales enablement provided through these mobile sales tools will help you do just that.

Whether it’s internal communications or the best sales intelligence to support your offerings, investing in this kind of support for your team is crucial in modern sales in a digital world. Pick a few of these mobile sales apps to test out this week and start enabling yourself and your sales team for success!