Working together to make people's work lives easier
Working and Thriving
We want people to thrive at Map My Customers; we believe you do your best work when you feel your best. Here are a just a few benefits we’re proud to provide to our team.
Learning & Development
We believe in pushing ourselves every single day. We do our best to foster a supportive learning environment and readily recognize the accomplishments of those who learn and apply new skills. We aim to challenge each other every day in order to ensure that we are always moving forward together.
Health & Wellness
Full medical and dental benefits for you and your family. Even as a young company, we feel that if we take care of our people they’ll take care of us.
Happier Weekdays
A meeting light culture (or we try, at least) and plenty of opportunities to get to know your team better with at least one cultural event happening every week. Including (but not limited to) team breakfasts, lunches, sports leagues, and happy hours.
We value passion and transparency above all else. Our highly motivated and energetic team works hard to make the life of our customers a bit easier. We operate more like a family than a corporation due to our genuine excitement for the work we do and the people we do it with.
Our core values
These are some of the values we live and work by as a company. We’re building a product we believe in - knowing there is real value to be gained from helping people. Wherever people are, we want to simplify what they do and boost their work performance.
A snapshot of our culture
We pride ourselves on an inclusive and upbeat culture, but don't just take our word for it.
Listen to our CEO talk about how investing early in company culture and diversity and has contributed to our success so far:
Your First Million: 17. Matthew Sniff - "Our company's culture has played a major role in our earning $1mil in sales.".
Career Opportunities
We've got a number of open opportunities for you to join the team. Don't hesitate to apply below!