Success Story

As an international company, Portwest frequently hires new sales reps. They were looking for a way
to familiarize reps with their new territory. Map My Customers helps them onboard reps faster and get them performing
at peak capacity within days.

Their Story

With over 110 years of experience, Portwest is a leader in manufacturing high-quality workwear. Located in the UK, Ireland, Poland, Dubai, Australia and the USA, Portwest needed a platform to support their size.

Last year, Nathan King was a newly hired sales rep responsible for Illinois and Missouri. Due to the size of his territory, he frequently spent 6-8 hours driving per day. Map My Customers helped him reduce his weekly windshield time by 200 miles. Portwest required Nathan to report his traveling stats. Map My Customers made this easy by displaying Nathan’s route history, activity report, and dashboard.


"At the end of the day, I can look at Map My Customers and see everything that I’ve accomplished. It’s a huge motivator and helps me stay efficient while on the road."

Nathan King, Portwest

Favorite Features

Auto Check Ins

Automatically check in to accounts using geo-fencing. Track check ins on a color-coded map & quickly identify customers you need to visit.


Take worry out of managing accounts with rules-based activity reminders. Know when a customer has gone untouched over a specific number of days.

Smart Routing

Automatically create routes based upon preferences including: your time interval for visiting customers, departure & arrival times and appointment duration.