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Easy CRM Features

Reminders that sync with your calendar, custom fields, robust reporting, data filtering & sorting, upload images & PDF documents, take notes and much more.

Groups & Territories Management

Categorize your customers by product type, salesperson or territory. Toggle layers on and off to see exactly the customers you want.

Data Visualization

Easily visualize sales opportunities and deals in the field with advanced mapping features.

Charts & Reporting

Download reports and charts on activity (check-ins, reminders, won deals, etc.) for your whole team or just yourself.

Teams Management

See activity from each rep in the field, share pins & routes, send in-app messages and create access rights for each user.

Auto Check Ins

Automatically check in to accounts using geo-fencing. Track check ins on a color-coded map & quickly identify customers you need to visit.

Sales Funnel

Add prospects to a sales funnel with up to eight customizable stage names. Keep your sales process organized and track deals like never before.

Route Optimization

Add and optimize pins in a route to get to your customers as fast as possible. Choose your starting location and even set schedules.

Find Nearby

Know which accounts are close by when you are in the field. Fill gaps in your schedule in seconds.

Smart Routing

Automatically create routes based upon preferences including: your time interval for visiting customers, departure & arrival times and appointment duration.


Take worry out of managing accounts with rules-based activity reminders. Know when a customer has gone untouched over a specific number of days.

Lead Generator

Easily identify new prospects & create additional appointments when someone on your route cancels.

Email Automation

Send personalized email campaigns to all your customers in one click. Track opens in real time & create automated follow-up messages for those with unopened emails.

Business Card Scanner

Scan business cards with your iOS device & create new contacts minus the data entry.

Chrome Plugin

Create new records in Map My Customers from Google Maps or LinkedIn in seconds.

Get Organized With Easy CRM Features

Call your contacts in just one tap.

In addition to our robust mapping and routing tools, our easy CRM features help you keep organized. Just upload a list of contacts or sync with your existing CRM and you can easily edit information on them, add custom fields, and even save documents.

easy crm

Effortlessly Plan Driving Routes

route optimization

Save 30% in gas... every week.

After you plan your week, now you can get to all of those customers faster with our route optimizer. Save time so that you can visit one more customer, and get home sooner. Users see an average savings of 30% each week after optimizing their routes with Map My Customers.

Sell More With Lead Generation

Sell to more customers around you.

Fill in your sales trips with more customers just like your own. Using our lead generation tool simply zoom into an area, search for new customers, and you're on your way to closing more business. Even use our Chrome Plugin to add customers from LinkedIn and Google Maps in 1 click.

lead generator

Keep Tabs With Email Automation

email automation

Track opens and send follow ups automagically.

Get powerful insights into who is opening your mail, when they're opening it, and how many times they've looked at it. Easily send follow up emails to contacts based on if they've responded to your previous emails.

Automate Sales With Deal Tracking

Keep on top of customers by segementing them into deal stages inside our sales funnel.

Add customers to a sales funnel with up to 8 customizable stage names. You'll be able to keep your sales process organized and even share pins with other reps based on which part of the funnel you want them to own.

lead funnel

Target Customers By Grouping


Who should I visit this week?

Imagine being able to know exactly which customers to visit. "Show me customers within 20 miles of Atlanta, who sell product C, and who I haven't sold to in the past 4 months." With Map My Customers, you can color-code and group customers to perform filters just like this. You'll never ask the question "who do I visit this week?" again.

Know Who To Visit Next With Check Ins

Automagically check into customers when you visit.

Check in automatically via geo-tracking or manually on your own when you visit with customers. With our brand new check ins map, get visual insight into who you have not visited with recently.

check ins

Get Performance at a Glance

charting and reporting

View the charts you want and get downloadable reports.

Our charts provide insights into the amount of check ins, reminders, wins, calls, etc. that you and your reps are placing. We also give you easy access to downloadable reports on each rep's activities.

Stress-Free Team Management

Easily share, easily restrict access.

As team owner, share pins, routes, and territories with other reps on your team. Easily restrict sharing, editing, deleting, and exporting access by rep. See tracks of where your reps are in the field every few minutes (optional).

teams management

Powerful Sales Territory Mapping

sales territory mapping

Build and share territories in minutes.

Sales territory management can be tough. That's why we made an easy-to-use territory creation and management feature so that you can divide acccounts between reps and improve their performance.