Map My Customers + Hubspot

This integration is built to naturally sync critical customer data and activities back and forth
between Map My Customers and Hubspot.
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One-Way vs. Two-Way Sync

Sync your customer data and updates back and forth between Map My Customers and Hubspot
choose to sync just your customer data and updates from CRM to Map My Customers.


What we Sync

Our Hubspot integration allows you to sync various tables, objects, and fields.
Included are: contacts, accounts, activities, custom fields, custom tables and notes.

Custom Fields

How To Get Started

The integration process is tailored to fit your specific use case and will vary depending on your specific business' needs.
The following steps below are required for you to get started.

Pre-sales scoping
  • You need to either be an existing customer of Map My Customers or interested in the Professional/ Enterprise plan
  • Specify the objects, fields and number of total records you want to integrate to MMC
Purchase Map My Customers
  • Contact a sales rep to purchase or upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise plan
  • Post-purchase, you will be assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to guide you through the integration process
Collaborate with your CSM
  • You will begin the onboarding and implementation process with your CSM
  • During this time, you must provide additional information such as:
    - Lead Project Manager for the integration implementation (on the customer’s side)
    - Access to the Testing & Production HS environments
    - Weekly availability for formal project updates
Integration set up and Engineering Implementation
  • Your CSM will coordinate with our Engineering team and your team to gather all the details required to kick off the Technical Implementation
  • Our engineering team will connect to your organization's sandbox to validate setup and initiate a test integration with the sandbox
Integration live and kick-off call with CSM
  • Your CSM will walk you through the setup, configuration, and key use cases
  • Data from your CRM will now be updated in your Map My Customers account. If you opted in to two way sync, data from your Map My Customers account will also be updated in your CRM