How The Sync Works

Our native InfusionSoft integration allows you to easily sync your accounts, contacts, leads, or any table you choose with Map My Customers. You are able to sync directly on the web through our intuitive interface. Features include:

  • Match any table and any field in InfusionSoft to Map My Customers
  • Keeps all data in sync from InfusionSoft to Map My Customers
  • Create custom fields instantly to match data that you have in InfusionSoft, but not in Map My Customers
  • Real-time sync™ available for enterprise teams

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InfusionSoft is pivotal to your company's needs. So is making all of that data visual so you can get the insights and knowledge you need to be more efficient at your job. Read on to learn about how Map My Customers can augument your InfusionSoft and supercharge your sales.

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