Professional Onboarding
Our Quick Start Consultation will help you configure your account and get you up and running quickly. With this package, you’ll gain access to one-on-one support from an Implementation Specialist, in addition to self-serve resources.
Quick-start consultation fee:
Self-Guided Onboarding
Access to our extensive self-guided onboarding, including a custom task list with resources tailored to your needs. Our Quick Start Consultation will help you see lightning fast success though focusing on your primary use case. This package is ideal for customers who do not require extensive help and seek self-sufficiency. If you’re looking for a more hands-on support, consider our enterprise onboarding package.
Two hours of call(s) with an Implementation Specialist and one hour of email support to understand the basics required to:

  • Import your data into Map My Customers
  • Generate leads and convert them into accounts
  • Build and manage a deal pipeline
  • Create activities, routes, and/or reports - all considering your specific use case
  • Integrations
    A discovery session to uncover existing systems and processes in place at your organization, including scoping a project plan to integrate your CRM system with Map My Customers.