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Happy Customers

Map My Customers offers a full stack of field sales tools to reps and managers. From deal visualization
to opportunity management, we've got you covered. We're like your sidekick, but we fit in your pocket.

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Target Customers By Grouping


Who should I visit this week?

Imagine being able to know exactly which customers to visit. "Show me customers within 20 miles of Atlanta, who sell product C, and who I haven't sold to in the past 4 months." With Map My Customers, you can color-code and group customers to perform filters just like this. You'll never ask the question "who do I visit this week?" again.

Automate Sales With Deal Tracking

Pipeline management made easy with our visual sales funnel.

Easily manage a sales funnel with up to 8 customizable stage names. You'll be able to keep your sales process organized and even share pins with other reps based on which part of the funnel you want them to own.

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Get Performance at a Glance

charting and reporting

View the charts you want and get downloadable reports.

Our charts provide insights into the amount of check ins, reminders, wins, calls, etc. that you and your reps are placing. We also give you easy access to downloadable reports on each rep's activities.


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