Success Story

SmartPay reps are responsible for territories that span multiple states. The company needed a tool to manage territories and remove field inefficiencies. Map My Customers helps them make sure their field team is running at maximum efficiency.

Their Story

SmartPay is a technology-driven company that works with leading wireless retailers and prepaid phone services. They use software and data analytics to serve consumers with minimal credit history. Headquartered in San Francisco’s Financial District, SmartPay is a subsidiary of TEMPOE, a specialty finance company based in Cincinnati. SmartPay was spun out of Better Finance, the #1 Fastest Growing Private Company in San Francisco.

After adopting Map My Customers, Mike Uhler, director of client relations, noticed an increase in customer visits. His CRM reported that reps averaged five more customer visits per week. While his team used to spend 7-10 hours a week planning routes, they’re now able to reduce their prep time by 4 hours through Map My Customers’ smart routing tool.

Mike Uhler

SmartPay Leasing
"Map My Customers' mobile platform allows our reps to stay flexible while on the road. As a manager, I can easily update my reps' customers and appointments with one click."

Favorite Features

Smart Routing
Automatically create routes based upon preferences including: your time interval for visiting customers, departure & arrival times and appointment duration.
Take worry out of managing accounts with rules-based activity reminders. Know when a customer has gone untouched over a specific number of days.
Groups & Territories
Categorize your customers by product type, salesperson or territory. Toggle layers on and off to see exactly the customers you want.