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Territory Management

This is what robust sales territory mapping software looks like

Our powerful sales territory mapping, optimization and reporting tool goes beyond cutting and assigning territories. Create models based on several variables to ensure balanced, productive distribution of your sales reps

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Rapidly build sophisticated territory maps and models

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Populate your sales data on a map and easily drill down into the details

Create sales territory maps in seconds using zip codes, demographics, and your business data. You don’t need to be a master analyst to visualize your accounts

Optimize Your Territories

Unlike other territory management softwares that only visualize and assign territories — Map My Customers builds smart models that set your reps up for success

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Guarantee an even distribution of opportunity

By modeling out optimized territories, you’ll have confidence in number of deals and leads available to each rep

Build a more predictable business model

By knowing the potential of each territory, you’ll get a deeper understanding of your expected pipeline

Increase efficiency to drive deal movement

By setting attainable yet competitive quotas, you’ll maximize rep productivity across the board

Graphic territory management software with charts and graphs

It’s never been easier to build and compare fully optimized territory models

Don’t just model with a single data point. Layer and weigh every business consideration so you know your territories are working for you – not against you:

Zip Code

Miles mean money. Use geography as a baseline consideration for your territories.

Open Deal Value

Stay on top of your pipeline. Ensure your top performers are on your high value deals.


Know where to focus. Give your reps an even shot by knowing and optimizing by the share of market.

Previous Revenue

Rely on historical data. Use your past sales numbers to properly distribute your reps.

Graphic territory management software with charts and graphs
Graphic of hubspot and Map My Customers interfaces syncing

Understand why territories are outperforming others

Surface the variables that lead to your best performing territories. Better distinguish which results are based on rep performance and activity, and which are distinct to the territory

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