Top Ways to Capture Your Prospects Attention in Under 30 Seconds

It's no secret that technology has shortened our attention span, which can be a struggle for sales. One Microsoft study even found that attention dropped from an average of 12 seconds to a measly 8. Plus, there is an increase in competition for your prospects attention. Slick marketing, social media, and competitive markets mean that… Read More

5 Ways to Use Sales Analytics to Increase Customer Retention

Your most valuable kinds of customers are the ones you keep. Your most dangerous customers are the ones you lose. It’s been proven time and time again: customer retention is the simplest, most affordable way to drive profit. It’s cheaper than acquiring new customers, it increases average customer lifetime value, and it creates… Read More

5 Coolest Sales Trends of 2019

The first quarter of 2019 has finally wrapped and the results are in. What’s working? What’s not? What sales trend bandwagons do you need to jump on before it’s too late? Don’t worry--there’s plenty of time left in the year for you to try your hand at some of the… Read More

10 Tips for Running a Successful Business on Your Own

So you have the perfect business idea. Or the start of an idea. Or no idea, but you know you want to stop working for a corporation and start working for yourself. Wherever you are in the process and whatever your reasons, running your own business is both a thrilling and terrifying adventure. A lot… Read More

Sales Reports: Useful or Waste of Time?

Are sales reports worth your time? If you are in sales you have probably been asked to submit a sales report (or as a manager asked someone else for one), but are they really worth your time? What do you use them for and how useful are they? First, you must know that there are… Read More

What Is Metadata On Your Business’ Website & Why Should You Optimize It For Search Engines?

Search engines make it possible for the hundreds of thousands of websites in existence to be found. More importantly, found by the people who are looking for exactly what that website shows. In today’s business environment it is essential for any company to have a website for their business if they plan to have… Read More

Change Your Sales Approach: From Features to Solutions

With rapidly advancing technology today’s sales economy is becoming more and more of a buyers market. It’s more important now than ever to differentiate yourself from your competitors and prove to potential customers how you can make their life easier. Showing potential customers how you’re going to solve a problem or need… Read More

Creating a Work-Life Balance and Why It Is Essential for Sales Reps

Most sales reps are in desperate need of a lesson in work-life balance. A 2017 HubSpot survey of over 500 salespeople revealed just how bad work-life balance is in the sales world. Some of their startling findings include: One-third of salespeople say their job negatively affects their personal life. 68% described their lifestyle as challenging.… Read More

How to Ensure Your Sales Team’s GDPR Compliance in 2019

Data is precious to sales teams. It provides the best way to learn about and communicate with potential customers. Misusing this information, though, will not only lose customer trust but could potentially be extremely costly to your company. Many American companies don't know what GDPR is and fail to understand how important it is for… Read More