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Get consistent data between your CRM and Map My Customers

Data-driven decision making is key to a modern sales strategy, whether you’re a rep planning your day or a CRO planning the year. Our integrations keep that data clean, consistent and accessible — wherever you sell.

Our Native Integrations

We’re preparing the following CRM integrations to help you stay in sync
Learn more about the status of each integration below:

Other Ways to Sync

Keep it simple by importing your data via spreadsheet, or use SFTP to stay organized with big data sets

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Easily upload your data via spreadsheet import

If it’s just you or if you’re on a small team, simply upload your existing customer data via our in-app import. Instant import is included on every plan

Get step-by-step instructions from our Knowledge Base >

Graphic of Map My Customers SFTP process

For bigger data loads, use SFTP to securely move data between systems

If you or your IT team have experience with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) — we can help you set up a sync flow custom for your business (subject to additional charge)


Get the technical specifications here >

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Looking to integrate your calendar client?

Use Calendar Sync in the application to sync your in-app activities (like emails, phone calls, and meetings) with Google Calendar, Office365, and Exchange