Sales Touch Points: When to Automate and When to Keep A Human Interaction

Every buyer-seller relationship requires touch points. A basic marketing principle says you need at least seven of ‘em to turn a lead into a sale. And even past the point of sale, touch points are key to keep your customer happy and the quality of their experience healthy. As your lead and customer lists grow,… Read More

The 5 Central Productivity Goals to Keep Sales Reps on Target

Productivity. It’s a super trendy concept that is usually coupled with other buzz-words like “streamlining systems,” “scaling processes,” and “time-saving tactics.” But what does “productivity” actually mean in a sales context? Sales Productivity Definition When we talk about sales productivity, we’re talking about the ratio of effectiveness (the outcome of a task) versus… Read More

Best Email Outreach Alternatives to “I Look Forward to Hearing from You”

In the modern workplace, we are all drowning in a sea of emails. Your email has to stand out to get the attention that you need in sales communication and prospect outreach. Retire the tired, business-sounding clichés to elicit replies from your intended targets. Breathe some life back into your emails by finding an alternative… Read More

5 Coolest Sales Trends of 2019

The first quarter of 2019 has finally wrapped and the results are in. What’s working? What’s not? What sales trend bandwagons do you need to jump on before it’s too late? Don’t worry--there’s plenty of time left in the year for you to try your hand at some of the… Read More

Creating a Work-Life Balance and Why It Is Essential for Sales Reps

Most sales reps are in desperate need of a lesson in work-life balance. A 2017 HubSpot survey of over 500 salespeople revealed just how bad work-life balance is in the sales world. Some of their startling findings include: One-third of salespeople say their job negatively affects their personal life. 68% described their lifestyle as challenging.… Read More

Data Security Awareness and Its Importance for Sales Reps

Data security has become a key concern for most companies. Like many major corporations, even the US federal government, experience data breaches at an alarming rate, it is clear that everyone could benefit from increased cybersecurity measures. Although executives and business owners realize the importance of data security and seek to take active measures to… Read More